About us

Company “Exim Food” was founded in 2012 and the main direction of activity of the enterprise was import. Since the end of 2014, Exim Food Ltd is reorienting to the domestic Ukrainian market and starting its own production of meat products, from the stage of fattening pork to the half-carcass, as well as introducing a European system for monitoring the quality of products of the HASSP and increasing production volumes.

In 2016 the company begins to develop the direction of export of Ukrainian meat products to Georgia and Kazakhstan.

Continuously implementing trading strategies and improving the distribution network, Exim Food Company strengthens its position in the domestic and overseas market.

The main advantage of our products is its high quality and stability in supply due to the availability of its own production base, transport, and warehouse facilities.

During our existence, our company has established itself as a reliable partner and a highly skilled expert in their business. We are able to provide uninterrupted supply of quality products for the needs of the enterprise of any scale.

LLC “Exim Food” – when quality matters!